What's for dinner?

Matryoshka measuring cups, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

A little while ago I found these lovely Matryoshka measuring cups by Fred! They are just SO handy, as they range in cups sizes! Which to me are super great for my UK& US cookbooks, so I don't have to convert cups to ML (which they use for sizing in NL) all the time now ;) The first simple meal we had using these cups was a good spicy macaroni dish (as you couldn't tell ;) and really doesn't cooking become so much more fun with these lovely kitchen tools?!

Also they go well with my 'bashpoonshka' measuring spoons ;)


Win these doctor who goodies!

originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

I'm sponsoring some goodies for the Doctor Who Blog Party which is happening over at the Paper Sparrow. You can win this package; a tardis magnet, a dalek magnet, a variety of hand stamped postcards and the little 11th doctor aka Matt Smit lookalike anime style hand carved stamp, which is stamped next to to tardis. And that's just from me! Check out what Andrea / The Papersparrow is giving away! 

 adipose plush, tardis necklace, earrings, stickers, embroidery hoops ..
a LOT of great doctor who goodies!

To enter go HERE
You can still enter until July 16th Midnight EST :)

And check out this round up post of the Doctor Who blog party with more awesome giveaways and tutorials! 

Thanks so much Andrea for contacting me about it :)
So much fun! I'm glad to have been a part of it!


3 years on Etsy!

WOOHOO! It's my 3 year anniversary on etsy and I'm having a grand sale this month to celebrate it with you all. The coupon code that's valid for the entire month of July. Everything in the shop is 30% off (ex. shipping) so if you are looking to get a fun item from my shop for a great price, this is the time :)

kawaii bottle cap magnets

hand carved stamps


Click on the link below to go to etsy saver and get the coupon code!

Thank you everyone for your continued support!!