My blue room

my blue room, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

The paper desk side. For detailled pictures click on the picture and see the notes :) here is where all the creating happens ;)


Happy Easter Giveaway!

To celebrate easter this year, I'm having a little fun giveaway for my blog followers:) 
You can win the items that are shown on the picture above;
the broken egg hand carved stamp in the carved and boxed series 
with ez mount cling on the back
esp. made for this easter giveaway :) 
To use the stamp right away I'm also including a 2 inch square acrylic block!

What do you need to do to win this? It's very simple!
Go to my etsy store
link back with an item you favorited 
and tell me why you like it :) 
That will earn you one point.

Additional points can be earned
if you tweet, blog, or share this giveaway on a social network in any way,
provided you link back in a separate comment.

NOTE: This contest is open to my blog followers only!
Comments can be made until Saturday April 30th 2011
I'll announce the lucky winner on May 1st.
Good luck everyone :) 
 And to wish everyone a Happy Easter I'm offering
a 25% discount on my etsy store with the coupon code
EasterSale at checkout (valid until april 30th) :)
(NOTE: if you are a follower and buy and item during contest period, 
link back the purchased item to earn 5 additional points!
Have a wonderful fun filled easter weekend everyone!!

NB May 1st - Comments are now closed, the winner will be drawn today. 
Thank you for participating everyone!!


new stamping goodies!

new stamping goodies, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

Yes mooore stamp stuff, like I need it, LOL! Bought this lot at the stamping event art specially in zeist on the weekend of 16-17 of april. A lot of fun new stuff to work with :) Brands by Tim Holtz, Crafty Individuals, Whif of Joy, The Octopode Factory (the creepy cute ones up front are the by awesome new stamp designer Lily Chilvers), copic sketch, martha steward, versa magic, lost coast designs, artemio and the greeting farm.
Can't wait to start using it all :) Will post some creations I used these on soon.


lovely presents :)

birthday gift from Kate, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.
a very late post, but my friend Kate sent me a wonderful package for my birthday in march :) She is an awesome stamp carver too & I just love the hansel&gretel stamp and looks at all the lovely fabrics! She also sent me a bunch of momiji stickers & have been turned into magnets and are on my fridge :)



bashpoonska, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.
my newest fun kitchen utensils, measurement nesting spoons :)

aren't they adorable? I found them at a store locally, so another lucky find :)
They are from FredFlare and they really have some awesome kitchen stuff!
Now I really want the measurement cups as well :)


Blue Morning

disigual, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.
I'm inlove with my new coat for the in between seasons. It's a disigual trenchcoat, in beuatiful turqouise colors and hand embroidered elements. I love the peacock on the shoulder the most.

For a complete look of the jacket, see this link


My new old typewriter!

So the Sunday Market turned out to be a HUGE event this time around with over 200 stalls, it was very busy with lots to see and do! My little booth had a lot of visitors and a lot of lovely people whom I met before came by, but sadly not a lot of sales were made. However I did have a lot of fun there myself and that is what really matters in the end :) My niece came by in the afternoon and my lovely bf who always helps me with the markets said to ‘go look around and have fun!’ and that we did! There was really TOO much to see but we managed to find some really cool plushies, which we took back for my bf since he was so nice about giving us time away from the booth :) We got him a little sock monster and a fox plushie, but the names of the designers escape me sadly. Did I tell you it was really busy?! Haha!
Anyhow, during our stroll through the market we came across a really cool vintage stall that was selling an awesome brother deluxe typewriter in the color aqua. The original casing and user manual were also included, this for only 15Euro! It looked very well taken care of and I thought it was just perfect! The woman at the booth didn’t really know much about the typewriter, but I asked her if I could test it and I could. It typed really smoothly and everything worked really well except for the fact it needed new lint and the ‘pulley thing’ of the zipper from the casing was broken, but the lady offered a vintage keychain to add around the zipper part to work as a ‘pulley’. So basically I fell in love with the thing and wanted it right away, but had no more cash with me at the moment and went back to my booth.
I told my bf all about the typewriter and he must have seen the love struck look on my face, because he said ‘I’ll be back in a bit’ and when he came back he got the typewriter with him for me :)

the case has a label which says case and machine made in Nagoya, Japan'

Aren’t I a lucky duck to have such a considerate boyfriend and this awesome new vintage brother deluxe typewriter?!
I think I am :)


Sunday Market!

Hand Stamped Goodie bags 
Been very busy these past few days preparing for my first ever Sunday Market! I've been a bit stressed as I thought I didn't have enough stuff to bring with me, seeing my bigger plushies are being sold at the hobbyiaan in Schiedam. 
So I've been making some completely new products for the market. 
Want to know what they are? 

Come by at the 
Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam 
on April 3rd from 12-18 o'clock
to do some funky easter shopping :) 

And to celebrate the fact it's my first market there, I'm giving away fun goodie bags to the first 20 costumers that buy something at my stall!! 

 Fun filled goodie bags for the first 20 customers!!!

Don't the bags look cute? I esp. made the stamp to decorate the bags with :) 

Hand Carved Stamp esp. made for the Sunday Market event! 

Hope to see you this sunday :)