Our Christmas 'tree' :)

our xmas 'tree', originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

This is our festive Christmastree for this year (And i think for many more years to come ;) It's made out of driftwood and has shelves to hold a part of our vinyl toy collection. The Tree is made by Street Wood Furniture, a small handmade business in Holland. They make furniture and accessories from waste and drift wood. I saw them on a crafty market a few weeks ago and immediately had this idea in my head for it. I'm so happy that it all worked out as I planned :) To see more pics of the tree, just click the picture and it will take you to my flickr account :)

Happy Holidays!!


Momiji Decorate Contest; Please Vote for us!

Hi friends! I would really appreciate if you could go to the momiji contest page and vote for our momiji holiday bunting design :) please go here and vote beafore the 20th apps.facebook.com/promotionshq/contests/176501/voteable_e... Thanks so much!!!!!


a DIY countdown to christmas

It's December already! Where did the time fly to? This past weekend I celebrated Sinterklaas with my inlaws up north and it was, like every year, a lot of fun :) Saint Nicholas thought I was a good girl this year, as I received many fun presents; season 1&2 of Tru Calling, season 6 of supernatural, DVD's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows 1&2 and the warmest and fuzziest Chococat house slippers :) The short days make for snuggling up on the couch and watch some movies and make something while watching it. I wanted to share with you some fun advent calenders on my fave internet
hang outs Swap Bot and Etsy.
(fyi; both advent calenders are mostly links to blogposts written in Dutch)

First up is the advent calender made by Etsy with contributions from European Etsians. They share a DIY tutorial or PDF print every day. So check back daily for fun goodies :) Discover some fun new shops this way as well :)

Then this awesome group on swap bot, Dutch Swappers, which I am also a part of, a select few of the group made a wonderful andent calender this year too. with the linky tool 'blog hop' I can share the calender with you here. Every day around new a new DIY tutorial or give away will be posted :)

Have a lovely DIY countdown to Christmas


getting ready for winter

Sorry for my lack of updates, once again. like little tako here, I'm getting ready for winter. which means that I'm cuddled up in blankets and almost at a hibernation state every evening after work feeling too exhausted to do anything except for watch movies and drink hot coco. oh and read books. chick-lit is my guilty pleasure :) I've bought a few books which I'm really looking forward to get into. If you want to know my reads for this winter, check out my good reads profile :)

What are your plans for this cozy winter? 
Any good book and or movie recommendations?


a little update; etsy open & stamp carving workshop

Sorry I've been a bit silent the past months. I wish the little bear could do all my social networking! Busy at my 9 to 5 job and I had a throat infection the last weeks of september which really sucked! Was sick for over 3 weeks :P but thankfully everything is all okay now. sometimes I still feel like I'm swallowing down sand paper, but I'm dealing ;)

A lot have happened the past months. 
The Etsy Open store in Leiden has come and gone. It was so much fun to see a the work of 30+ Dutch designers/ etsy store owners in the shop! I also participated and I'm pleased that I sold a bunch of my Carved and Boxed Stamps  and the few that weren't sold are going to be listed on my etsy. To have an impression on what the store looked like, here are a few pictures; 
 clothes and fun stuff

 you can see my plushies and stamps on this lovely closet made of tables. 

loved the roughness of the walls above the white we helped paint. 

more pictures and stories on designers who participated on check out the blogs on Dutch Handmade

Next event for me is the 3rd stamp carving workshop at Shop Elle Aime! It's being held on November 13th at the ROTABS Style Center in Rotterdam. For more info and sign ups check out this blogpost (sorry dutch only) Because of the popularity of the workshop we maximized it for 15 people at a time. 

To see what other attendants have made;

This is the last workshop of this year so if you don't want to miss out, go ahead and sign up now. And hopefully I'll see you on the 13th of november :)


Stamp Carving Workshop - part 2!

stamp carving workshop at shop elle aime 11/9/11

A few weeks ago we had another fun sunday afternoon at Shop Elle Aime! On sunday september 11th we had our second installment of the stamp carving workshop at the fun little shop at ROTABS style Centre in Rotterdam. The first installment was this past May.
There were 14 participants this time, we moved out the tables to the hallway for more space and the carving festivities could begin :) 

For more pictures of the fun day and to see the end results, see this link.

We're planning for another workshop this year, so if you're interested in participating, stay tuned for the date :)

Thanks to all participants for their hard work and lovely hostess Lisa Manuels for the fab location & yummy treats. Thank you all for making this yet again a wonderful and creative day :)


Art Nouveau Lady

Work in progress art nouveau coloring 

I love my new old pantone letraset Tria markers. And I love rubber stamps. This one is from the art nouveau collection from Lost Coast Designs. I absolutely love her and always wondered what she would looked like colored in. So I took my markers, sat down for an hour and this is the result.

Art nouveau fnished piece.

I love how the colores were really bright at first but after adding a layer of Tim Holtz clear crackle paint, it became somewhat 'older' looking and some of the colors blended together.

close up of the crackle paint effect

I really love that crackle effect. And I'm quite happy with the results of the over all look.

Inspired by this? This stamp is the Lily stamp from Lost Coast Designs.


Work in Progress; Alice in Wonderland ATC's

Making ATC's for an Alice in Wonderland ATC swap at swapbot. Rubber stamped used are from the octopde factory. Really love their illustrations! Great way to test my newly re-vamped letra set promarkers (got a whole set of them 2nd hand, newly filled by someone who fixes up the poor abandoned dried out markers. And really after she fixes them up, they work just as they were brand new!)

I also wanted to try out some (more) flocking. The mushroom tops are flocked with red and blue fuzzy stuff from studio g flocking materials. I used a small fine brush, uhu glue and a bit of water to adhere the glue on the places I wanted to have flocked. And it somewhat worked, but I couldn't get it to stick evenly :/ Oh well, that does gives it somewhat 'charm' to the ATC, right? ;)


Tim Holtz Inspired

At the Movies -  Tim Holtz Inspired Booklet, made with hand made film strip ribbon

I recently joined a wonderful group on swapbot, called the Tim Holtz addicts. Now prior to making my own stamps, I always have loved rubber stamping techniques, making ATC's etc. as my flickr photo page can attest I own drawers full of stamps (guilty pleasure ;). But I've never really dabbed in the TH zone - not until when I saw what the lovely ladies at the group on flickr were making!
Now I must have all the ideology line items, embossing folders (for my recently purchased cute little cuttlebug) and other cool knick knacks TH came up with (including the stamps, yes!) 
But unfortunately some things are hard to find here (thank goodness for etsy right?) but sometimes seeing all this wonderful stuff, it really inspires to go out and make do with the things you have! 
I totally love the film ribbon in a canister of TH's ideology line, and I remembered this long film strip border stamp I bought from Lost Coast Designs in April at the Art Specially Stamp event and was like, why not try to make my own?! So I did :) 

What you need; film strip stamp, staz on ink and transparency film (Recycled materials from the office supply bin at work) It's actually very simple; Just stamp the film strip onto the transparency film let it air dry (don't use heat tool it will warp your transparency! and cut out film strips et voila, you have your own film strip ribbon á la Tim Holtz!

I wanted to have a film reel so to speak so I twirled the ribbon twice and fastened it with a small black brad at the ends so it will stay the shape I wanted it to and added it to the booklet you see above. So much fun!I can't wait to see what the group will inspire me to do next :)


What's for dinner?

Matryoshka measuring cups, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

A little while ago I found these lovely Matryoshka measuring cups by Fred! They are just SO handy, as they range in cups sizes! Which to me are super great for my UK& US cookbooks, so I don't have to convert cups to ML (which they use for sizing in NL) all the time now ;) The first simple meal we had using these cups was a good spicy macaroni dish (as you couldn't tell ;) and really doesn't cooking become so much more fun with these lovely kitchen tools?!

Also they go well with my 'bashpoonshka' measuring spoons ;)


Win these doctor who goodies!

originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

I'm sponsoring some goodies for the Doctor Who Blog Party which is happening over at the Paper Sparrow. You can win this package; a tardis magnet, a dalek magnet, a variety of hand stamped postcards and the little 11th doctor aka Matt Smit lookalike anime style hand carved stamp, which is stamped next to to tardis. And that's just from me! Check out what Andrea / The Papersparrow is giving away! 

 adipose plush, tardis necklace, earrings, stickers, embroidery hoops ..
a LOT of great doctor who goodies!

To enter go HERE
You can still enter until July 16th Midnight EST :)

And check out this round up post of the Doctor Who blog party with more awesome giveaways and tutorials! 

Thanks so much Andrea for contacting me about it :)
So much fun! I'm glad to have been a part of it!


3 years on Etsy!

WOOHOO! It's my 3 year anniversary on etsy and I'm having a grand sale this month to celebrate it with you all. The coupon code that's valid for the entire month of July. Everything in the shop is 30% off (ex. shipping) so if you are looking to get a fun item from my shop for a great price, this is the time :)

kawaii bottle cap magnets

hand carved stamps


Click on the link below to go to etsy saver and get the coupon code!

Thank you everyone for your continued support!!


Work In Progress

Been hard at work for a while!
After 24 hours of drying, all these gems are being turned into 
magnets, pendant, pinbacks or bobby pins. 

Been working hard to have some new stuff for the AMS*DIY - the 2011 Urban Art & Craft Festival at the ABC Treehouse  Which is this weekend, July 2nd and 3rd in Amsterdam. 
 And because of this event, the window display at the American Book Center at the Spui  in Amsterdam had a little facelift for this weekend. Fun is that some of our stuff is being displayed at the center left window. 

Was really fun to set up and such a great opportunity for my stuff to be seen by a wider audience :)

By the way, there are still some seats left for my stamp carving workshop on July 3rd (from 3-4:30 pm) So if you want to learn how to carve  your own stamps, do make a reservation :) With this workshop you will receive a starter's kit so that after the workshop you can continue to work at home :) 

For more info on the event, see the flyer

So I hope that, if you're in the aria, you'll 
stop by and get your DIY on :) 



HELLO recycled wooden sign by WilliamDohman

Sorry I have been MIA a bit! Been on a little break to a lovely city called Prague for a week after Pentecost holidays (in which I participated  the Utrechtse Fabriek Market on both June 12th and 13th with lovely Sweedebie) and just got back. The weather was lovely, and we did the whole sight seeing and walked all over the city. We found some really cool stores in Prague with wonderful handmade stuff. Pictures and a full report on the trip will come hopefully soon ;) But here's a little Impression;

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle

Really busy weeks have passed with all the markets in we have participated and a few more will come! With the AMSTERDAM ARTS and Crafts DIY event at the ABC Treehouse just one week and a half away, I still have a lot to prepare! We'll be there on both days of July 2nd and 3rd, creating stamps on the spot and there's also a workshop which you can attend on July 3rd. More on this event, see the links nd since I don't have time to blog much in these coming weeks, check out my facebook page to keep up to date :)
 I'll also have some DIY stamp carving kits with me that weekend with a lot of other goodies, some plush and of course hand carved stamps so if you're there, would love it if you'd drop by and say hello back :) 


Hip and handmade market!

Been really busy preparing for some upcoming crafty markets I'll be attending :) I've made a good bunch of DIY Stamp Carving packages to bring with me to these craft fairs as you can see below! 

Stamp Carving starter's package by Kitty Darkness Designs
A complete starters package with written tutorial by me (in Dutch) and all the tools you need to start making your own hand carved stamps!
 If you're interested in one of these packages, 
I'll be selling them at the markets ONLY starting this sunday!

Sunday 5th of June
in Deventer
Scheepvaartstraat location Dok H2O
from 10-16 o clock

A wonderful market with over 50 stands of cool webshops selling their hip and handmade stuff. 
If you're in the neighborhood stop by and say hello :) 

(there are more markets I'll be attending this month and july, stay tuned for an update the coming week)


Stamp Carving Workshop at Shop Elle Aime

Students hard at work :)
This past sunday my boyfriend and I gave a stamp carving workshop in a very inspiring surrounding, Lisa Manuel's shop Elle Aime :) 

 look how beautiful and inspiring this shop space is!

We taught about 12 people how to carve their own stamps. Yes a lot smaller than the etsy workshop with 60 people but definitely just as fun :) Everyone had a lovely creative afternoon and they all went home with a self made hand carved stamp (and maybe other cute goodies they bought at the really awesome shop!:) 
After they were finished with their stamps I asked them to stamp it in a book for safe keeping and future reference :) 
Here are some results;
made by mai

made by lisa

 made by reina, petra and bep :) 

See more pictures of the day on my flickr set here :)
Thanks to all participants and Lisa for being the host (and very yummy homemade brownies!) this day couldn't have been made possible without you all :) And because this was such a great success, more stamp carving workshops will be given in the near future!
Stay tuned for the dates!

Also see Lisa Manuels's Blog and Kim Welling's Blog about this day as well :)


A cloudy day

a cloudy day, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

I made this mobile plush a while back, and it actually suits the weather today. Handmade with felt and ribbon, decorated with hand carved stamp. A true OOAK piece. The rain was difficult to co-ordinate but I think it worked out ok :)


cleaning up kawaii stuff

cleaning up kawaii stuff, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.
A lovely sunday afternoon in spring and well, time for some spring cleaning, right? I decided to let a bunch of kawaii stamp sets go. kamio, qlia, sanx, sanrio to name a few brands. most of them have never been used. it's a shame they are in a box and not ever being used :P so destashing it is on my etsy. A few are added and a few more will be added later today :) Some are rare and harder to find these days so grab your chance while you can ;)


ETSYNL front page

ETSYNL front page, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.
Since a few months now, Etsy also offers to view the homepage in a few different languages. Besides English, German and French, I can set my etsy homepage to Dutch :) And it was a nice surprise to see one of my items being featured in the treasury on the Dutch homeplage :) My first FP feature, yay :D


Etsy Labs!

 Etsy Labs, Leiden, the netherlands
stamp carving work shop attendees ;) 

Last night was really amazing! It was the night of the 3rd Etsy Labs in The Netherlands :) I'm proud to have been a co-host :) I taught stamp carving techniques and Caro from Honoriginal taught the attendees book binding! Together with Marta from Etsy set up a space which we had on loan from the Open Makers at the Aalmarkt in Leiden for our 60 attendees. The evening began early and it was busy!! There were people from all over the country, even as far from Breda and Arnhem :) Creativity was flowing and a lot of people went home happy with a hand carved stamp & a hand bound book. 

Miss Minoes with her hand made goods 
at the Etsy Labs in Leiden

 I would like to thank everyone who attended for coming to this event and sharing your creativity with us! I really loved the creative energy that was overflowing there! all of you made this evening a great success!
Of course this evening wouldn't be possible without Etsy & the Open Makers Leiden so a heart felt thank you to them as well!

For more pictures of the evening see

If you're in the Netherlands or Belgium and would like more info on the next Etsy Labs please visit the Nederlandse Etsy Community team on etsy :)


The umbrella girl

This stamp is designed & carved by my sweetie. The way he did the shadow parts and the frilly dress is just awesome! The tools he used for this one is mainly a tool used for woodcutting, it's a very fine and sharp tool that can create these fine lines. I still have to try to use it to make a stamp of my own, but I doubt it would come out this great as he made it ;) I should take a materials update picture soon!

He will also be there for the workshops about stamp carving, I talked about in my last post :) And I'm happy to announce that now the workshop on the 29th of may is completely booked as well :) Another one will be given in July, but I'll inform you about that later when it's 100% sure (now it's only like 95% sure ;)
One this is 100% a go I'll inform you and you can sign up for the stamp carving workshop then :) So stay tuned!


Stamp Carving Workshops in May!

Been a very busy few months! Lots of fun new stuff  I'm working on , some I can't reveal just yet.... but it's going to be really great :D For now I'm happy to announce that I'm going to give a few workshops about stamp carving in the month of may :) YAY!

Fist off on may 9th in co-operation with Etsy Labs in The Netherlands, I'll be co-hosting the 3rd ever etsy labs in here in NL together with a bookbinder and fellow etsian, Caro from Honoriginal. Caro is going to teach Japanese bookbinding and I am going to teach stamp carving. The Etsy labs is an open creative environment open for all, young and old, and I'm really happy these are also being held in my small country now :) For more information about the Labs see here Etsy Labs Bookbinding and Stamp Carving (this information is written in Dutch) The registry is now closed for the event on this coming Monday, with a whopping 68 people on the attendance list! I was really floored when I heard about the enthusiastic response :D Going to be a very busy but fun day :)

Some of my carved stamps and tools

Then in the same month I'll be giving a more detailed hand carved stamp workshop in a yet to be opened shop, Elle Aime which is run my the lovely Lisa Manuels (remember I made a fox stamp for her a while back?). She asked me if I could teach some stamp carving workshops in her shop and of course I said yes :) The first one is on the 29th of may and it's open for only 10 people! There are already 5 applicants, so if you want to join in the fun, hurry up and sign up! Here is all the info you need to sign up Stamp Carving Workshop By Kitty Darkness Designs at Shop Elle Aime. (This post is in Dutch too)

We also made a stamp of the shop logo of Elle Aime :)

So fun creative workshops are planned for this month! 
Sign up for the workshop if you;re interested, while you still can!
I hope to see some of you in person soon:)