When Twitter Fails...

Isn't it incredibly frustrating when you are trying to tweet and suddenly, a big fat whale carried by teeny tiny birds appears on your screen? This happened to me more than I would like to care for and at one point I just saved the image because, well it was a cute and I'm a sucker for things that are cute. A few night ago I finally had the time to sit down and carve a stamp from the image. And this is the result:

Now something cute to make with this stamp. Suggestions?


A fun Day at the Crafty Markt!

 So yesterday was the day, my first ever appearance on a crafty market. in spite of the weather being really unpredictable, a lot of rain but still sunshine in between, it was a fairly okay day. there were people all through out the day from 1pm and onwards but we stayed until 8pm instead of 9pm because it was just a too long of a day. setting up the booth was a little more stressful than I thought, but I think we (my bf helped a lot) managed quite well :) I'm really happy with the over all look of the booth, we filled 2 meters up and I'm glad to report the sales pretty okay too :) Of course I squandered any profit we made by buying some awesome handmade goodies for myself there, but really when in Rome, buy handmade stuff from other dutch etsians/artists... right? ;) 

Here are some pictures of the KDD booth

 the banner from Vistaprint came right on time for the event :)

post earrings and necklaces
The other side of the booth with pouches and stamps

 different rings with my hand made ring holders.

Now relaxing until the next market in november ;) Also I'll be listing some stuff that has not been sold to my etsy the next few weeks :)


Making stock!

Been very busy since returning from vacation with making stock for the craft market I will be at next weekend. I'm also really nervous about not having enough stuff to fill my booth with (thank goodness it's only 2meters now instead of 4!!) I'm constantly making things, after work and during the weekends that I barely have enough time for anything else. 

Here are some things I have made so far:

 Kawaii magnets made from beer bottle caps

Hand Carved stamps mounted on wood

Packaging for earrings

On the 25th of September, if you're in Amsterdam stop by at the Oosterpark from 1pm until 9 pm to see what else I've made :)


new earring designs

new earrings
Originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat
I made these new batch of earrings for the upcoming craft fair I'm participating in. They are made with my hand carved stamps, so every pair is unique! I'm in the process of making dangly earrings too. since I'm such a perfectionist everything I make takes quite a long time as i'm keen on the details. Good but exhausting at times! I still have so much more items I want to make for the Crafty Market on september 25th in Amsterdam, but I only have 2 weeks left to create! Doing my best to at least get a few things done in the evenings. More new stuff to come soon...


a bear in the forest

Well, we're back from Sweden. It was an awesome trip and we had the chance to really relax in beautiful surroundings. we stayed at my bf's parent's vacation house, like we always do, for the 3rd year in a row now. It's an awesome holiday spot. I'm going to upload a few pictures of the trip over the weekend, but I wanted to share the high and lowlights of the trip here.

Lowlights (because you bring the bad news first):
* I became sick with the flue almost straight away upon arrival and it lasted almost the whole first week :(
* Because we stayed in a rural aria and traveled off season a lot of things were closed :(
* The time just flew by and before we knew it the 12 days we spent there were gone :(

* It rained only two days and was pretty sunny and sometimes even warm the rest of the time
* the house is located in the middle of the forest ad has amazing views and calming effect
* Completed some craft work for the craft fair
* Learned how to do wet and dry felting at the local Ullbutik (woolshop)
* Found some amazing craft supplies at second hand stores
* Won some fantastic embroidered swedish craft/hand work in auctions (it's a thing in Sweden, there are like auctions for all kinds of stuff and if you are lucky you can get cool stuff for very cheap!)
* Finished two books 'twenties girl' by Sophie Kinsella and 'the sugar queen' by Sarah Addison Allen. Enjoyed and recommend them both!
* Went biking on a special bike railtrack From Üdenholm to Hagfors to and back from the train museum

There were a lot of highlights this trip that totally outweighed the fact that I was sick in my vacation. I'm glad I was able to enjoy it all just fine inspite of that :) I'll share the picture of the things I made and the crafty stuff I bought and completed soon. I found some AMAZING hand embroidered stuff at the auctions and some embroidery patterens all from the 60s-70s :) Very inspirational stuff!

Now it's back to work again, sigh...