Best wishes for a Happy HANDMADE 2011

Best wishes, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

Wishing you a wonderful NYE celebration and all the best for a wonderful filled with HANDMADE goodness new year!



Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a happy festive season 
and a wonderful new year!!!


My work in flow magazine

my work in flow magazine, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

A wonderful surprise awaited me when I opened the mailbox yesterday! My work got featured in one of my fave Dutch magazines FLOW!!! :)

Click on the picture to know more about the story :)


Packing up the Kitties!

craft market stock, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.
And all other stock I have in 1 suitcase! it's a real puzzle to fit it all in, but a great challenge ;) Will be standing together with the Dutch Handmade Team at the Zelfgemaakte markt in Utrecht this Saturday, 11th of december. Would be great fo you could stop by if you are in the neighborhood :)

For more info Zelfgemaakte markt


goodiebag contributions

I just wanted to show you all what a great bunch of people contributed to the goodiebag! I've handed out a few at the market in november, but i have a lot left which are going to go with me to other markets in spring. thanks so much for participating you guys! it just looks awesome!click on the picture on the right so you can see the notes on who made what :)

on a side note, the bags I made myself by recycling old magazine pages and satin ribbons for handles. I used Swiedebie's tutorial to made the bags! a full dutch handmade team effort on this one :)

ETA: great news everyone! I'll be standing together with the Etsy DutchHandmade Team at the Zelfgemaakte Markt in Utrecht this saturday, december 11th, so the goodiebags will come along as well of course :) If you're in the neighborhood do stop by!


Become a Fan on Facebook :)

I Finally made a facebook fanpage for KDD :) Also a great way to stay up to date with new item listings and Events :)
Please show your support and become a fan on  


A Call for all crafters!

I’ll be attending another hand made craft market on November 28th  in Groningen the netherlands and I thought of something fun to promote your own handmade goods business. I’ll be making a little goodie bag to give to people at the craft market with their purchase. It’s a market esp. for Sinterklaas / Saint Nicholas (a very popular holiday in NL) and Christmas shoppers so it’s going to be crowded (well that is the expectation!!) I am planning on making about 25 goodie bags (with at least 10-15 different goodies in them) to hand out to people with a purchase. I’m calling out to all crafters world wide with their own little business to participate in this goodie bag!

 What's in it for you?:
Hand made and DIY is taking over globally and it’s moving in a rapid pace. I’m noticing in here in The Netherlands, more people are shopping with a tighter budget but still want something unique and durable. Unique recycled and environment friendly made products are higher in demand by consumers now than in mass produced made goods. That means that more people shop locally and try to find goods made with a personal touch. So this would be a great opportunity to market your own small little business which you have on etsy, dawanda, artfire, or whatever small art supporting business you are selling on.  By participating in this goodie bag you have the chance to reach out to customers whom esp. seek out to buy handmade goods aren’t familiar with your shop yet. Etsy for instance is getting really well known in NL and is being promoted by various lifestyle magazines like the FLOW and the Happinez.  Etsy even had a few meetings with the Dutch handmade community in Holland which I am a part of.  However people are most likely to shop at internet stores if they have seen a sample of a product for them selves. With participating in this goodie bag you’re also helping with raising awareness about wonderful home made and hand made items and how people can obtain them globally via the internet.

What do you have to do to be in this goodie bag:
  • Have an own little shop, weather it is on etsy, dawanda, artfire, ecrater, etc. doesn’t matter. Only things that matters is that you sell *handmade* mostly and it’s your OWN shop.
  • Make something small and easy but uniquely your own (like a 1 inch button, hairpin, brooch, cell charm, magnet, a print of an ACEO, postcard, stickers, mailing labels, etc. something that is easy to make multiples of and doesn’t cost you much to make but still is of good quality.)
  • You must be willing to send me at least 10-15 items minimum (it doesn’t have to be the same item 15x over, what you make and how many is up to you, but I need at least 10 goodies from you.)
  • Attach the goodie to your (business) card where your name and shop name is clearly written on.
  • Items have to be here in my home on nov 23rd at the latest.

Only (business) cards with goodies attached to them will be added in the goodie bag. See this as providing a little sample of your work to possible new customers. So don’t send me your business cards alone, that is not a goodie after all. You are welcome to add discount codes for your store, but they don’t count as a ‘goodie’.

I hope that many of you readers will participate. My goal is to make 25 goodie bags each with 10-15 different goodies. So hopefully enough people will sign up for this. Please only sign up if you are committed to go though with this because I will depend on you to go through with this. You have as of now 20 days to make your goodies and send them on time to me. It might be tight but see it as a fun challenge ;) Please comment below with your email address and shop link if you are willing to participate. I’ll contact you with my mailing address to send the goodies to. EDIT: If you're outside EU then I think the last day for you to send out is November 13th so it gets to me on time.

Thanks for reading! And hopefully you’ll be inspired to participate :)

ETA 25/11/2020
Participators so far:

 1) Drachenfrau's sweetie ;) - goodies received 12/11
2) Tanglecrafts - recieved 23/11
3) Rengawk - received 20/11
4) kimminita - goodies received 8/11
5) Colors of my world - received 20/11
6) Bobbeez - goodies received 9/11
7) lisa manuels - goodies received 5/11
8) Janis - received 20/11
9) Rianne - goodies received 9/11
10) Ozowiezo (via twitter) - goodies received 13/11
11) Craftgasm (via swapbot) 
12) jojojanneka (via Twitter) - goodies received 10/11
13) ZSBcreations (via Twitter) - received 20/11
14) OrangeDelight (via Etsy Dutch team) - received 18/11
15) Agonysdecay CANCELLED
16) Drachenfrau - goodies received 12/11
17) Evelyn - goodies received 11/11
18) buechertiger (via Etsy Euro Team) - received 17/11
19) Dutchhandmade team postcards - received 10/11 
20) Iced Moments (Jennie) - received 23/11
21) KolibrieKado (via Etsy Dutch team) - received 23/11

thanks so much everyone for being so awesome and sending in on time! I made 23 bags each filled with 10-13 goodies :) Let's hope they will be all handed out on the craft fair on the 28th :) 


Crafty Market Twiskepoort

Something very unexpected happened last week and I can't believe I forgot to tell you all about it. There was a competition on Twitter by the organizer of the Crafty Market in Holland. The winner with the most fun tweet about the Crafty Market would win a free booth on the DIY weekend on oktober 23/24 at Twiskepoort. And guess what, I actually WON :D I'm so very happy!!!! I won together with another creative person whom I actually met at the previous market, Lisa Manuels. We stayed in touch after the market and we made custom work for each other recently, so it's really fun that we both won and are going to share the market booth together :) I'll also be doing a stamp making workshop there if all goes well, but that will depend on the weather and the arrangement of the workshop place.

so if you're in town this weekend, be sure to stop by at Twiskepoort to buy your KDD goodies in person :)


and the winner is...

thanks everyone for participating in the earring giveaway! I've listed everyone in the randomizer in order of entrance and picked out a winner a few minutes ago. Just a reminder, to qualify to win you had to comment WITH a link to one of my etsy items, then blog and or tweet about the giveaway linking back in the comments. If you're name is listed more than once in the list the you did more than just comment with a link. If your name isn't listed, but you did comment, means you didn't do the 1st requirement of linking an etsy item. Sorry had to be strict and fair! and now for the winner... drumroll please...

There were 21 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
2.pastrylover from swapbot
3.blue eyed night owl
7.8r1id - Bobbeez
8.tara & byron
11.The Messy Crafter
13.swap-bot: RBM3579
16.The bird Alert
17.the bird alert
19.blue eyed night owl
20.toupti (chantal)

Timestamp: 2010-10-18 13:11:29 UTC
Congratulations Marisa!!!!!!!!!
(card by LizardPress on Etsy)
thank you everyone for participating!



Another Giveaway!

We've been creating a lot of things recently and one of the newest items on my etsy will be listed this weekend; dangly earrings! Made with prints from our hand carved stamps, you could get them as post earrings already, but now you can also let these cuties dangle from your ear ;) Also a few new designs will be added that can be only available as danglies! Every single one is handmade seperately so each pair is very unique. And today I'm giving away One pair of those earrings (a surprise one!) to one of you lucky people :)

What do you need to do to win a pair of these cuties ? Very simple :) 
  • Go to my etsy shop, pick an item you like, link it back here and tell me why you like it. 
  • Blog about this giveaway and link your blog post in the comments.
  • Tweet about this giveaway with the retweet button and link it back in the comments.
You can chose to do just one or all 3 of them, but all of these actions you need to do in seperate comments. And of course if you do all three you'll higher chance of winning this prize :) Good Luck!!

This giveaway is open until Sunday October 17th! I'll pick a winner on Monday 18th of october.
Contest is closed!!


Cause this is Thrilla

October has been here for almost 2 weeks and I've been busy making some items to place on my Etsy for Halloween :) There are some zombie kittie hand carved stamps and a little special OOAK feltie I made a few nights ago.

MJ in his thrilla outfit :) 

The pattern is through Zombie Felties which is filled with creepy cute felt design! I change a few things here and there to make it unique :)
So fun for the halloween season! I'll be making more creepy cuties to add to my etsy soon!


When Twitter Fails...

Isn't it incredibly frustrating when you are trying to tweet and suddenly, a big fat whale carried by teeny tiny birds appears on your screen? This happened to me more than I would like to care for and at one point I just saved the image because, well it was a cute and I'm a sucker for things that are cute. A few night ago I finally had the time to sit down and carve a stamp from the image. And this is the result:

Now something cute to make with this stamp. Suggestions?


A fun Day at the Crafty Markt!

 So yesterday was the day, my first ever appearance on a crafty market. in spite of the weather being really unpredictable, a lot of rain but still sunshine in between, it was a fairly okay day. there were people all through out the day from 1pm and onwards but we stayed until 8pm instead of 9pm because it was just a too long of a day. setting up the booth was a little more stressful than I thought, but I think we (my bf helped a lot) managed quite well :) I'm really happy with the over all look of the booth, we filled 2 meters up and I'm glad to report the sales pretty okay too :) Of course I squandered any profit we made by buying some awesome handmade goodies for myself there, but really when in Rome, buy handmade stuff from other dutch etsians/artists... right? ;) 

Here are some pictures of the KDD booth

 the banner from Vistaprint came right on time for the event :)

post earrings and necklaces
The other side of the booth with pouches and stamps

 different rings with my hand made ring holders.

Now relaxing until the next market in november ;) Also I'll be listing some stuff that has not been sold to my etsy the next few weeks :)


Making stock!

Been very busy since returning from vacation with making stock for the craft market I will be at next weekend. I'm also really nervous about not having enough stuff to fill my booth with (thank goodness it's only 2meters now instead of 4!!) I'm constantly making things, after work and during the weekends that I barely have enough time for anything else. 

Here are some things I have made so far:

 Kawaii magnets made from beer bottle caps

Hand Carved stamps mounted on wood

Packaging for earrings

On the 25th of September, if you're in Amsterdam stop by at the Oosterpark from 1pm until 9 pm to see what else I've made :)


new earring designs

new earrings
Originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat
I made these new batch of earrings for the upcoming craft fair I'm participating in. They are made with my hand carved stamps, so every pair is unique! I'm in the process of making dangly earrings too. since I'm such a perfectionist everything I make takes quite a long time as i'm keen on the details. Good but exhausting at times! I still have so much more items I want to make for the Crafty Market on september 25th in Amsterdam, but I only have 2 weeks left to create! Doing my best to at least get a few things done in the evenings. More new stuff to come soon...


a bear in the forest

Well, we're back from Sweden. It was an awesome trip and we had the chance to really relax in beautiful surroundings. we stayed at my bf's parent's vacation house, like we always do, for the 3rd year in a row now. It's an awesome holiday spot. I'm going to upload a few pictures of the trip over the weekend, but I wanted to share the high and lowlights of the trip here.

Lowlights (because you bring the bad news first):
* I became sick with the flue almost straight away upon arrival and it lasted almost the whole first week :(
* Because we stayed in a rural aria and traveled off season a lot of things were closed :(
* The time just flew by and before we knew it the 12 days we spent there were gone :(

* It rained only two days and was pretty sunny and sometimes even warm the rest of the time
* the house is located in the middle of the forest ad has amazing views and calming effect
* Completed some craft work for the craft fair
* Learned how to do wet and dry felting at the local Ullbutik (woolshop)
* Found some amazing craft supplies at second hand stores
* Won some fantastic embroidered swedish craft/hand work in auctions (it's a thing in Sweden, there are like auctions for all kinds of stuff and if you are lucky you can get cool stuff for very cheap!)
* Finished two books 'twenties girl' by Sophie Kinsella and 'the sugar queen' by Sarah Addison Allen. Enjoyed and recommend them both!
* Went biking on a special bike railtrack From Üdenholm to Hagfors to and back from the train museum

There were a lot of highlights this trip that totally outweighed the fact that I was sick in my vacation. I'm glad I was able to enjoy it all just fine inspite of that :) I'll share the picture of the things I made and the crafty stuff I bought and completed soon. I found some AMAZING hand embroidered stuff at the auctions and some embroidery patterens all from the 60s-70s :) Very inspirational stuff!

Now it's back to work again, sigh...


see you in a bit!

This picture was taken in Sweden last year, it's rilakkuma and his swedish sheep friend smulan whom we adopted. let's hope it will be sunny again this year.

Packing up things for the holiday. we're leaving for Sweden tomorrow morning and we'll be back in 2 weeks. see you then.


and the winner is...

Congrats shopcuteness for winning the twitter quick giveaway! hope you will enjoy the rilakkuma stamp :)

thank you everyone for playing! I'll be hosting another giveaway next month, and it will be on this blog. it will run a bit longer and have more Kitty Darkness Designs items :) So Stay tuned!!


GIVEAWAY!! Win this rilakkuma hand carved stamp!!

A random QUICK giveaway for this wednesday! How to win: Go to my Twitter , Follow me, then retweet this message! I will Pick a winner at Random under my followers at Twitter who retweeted me! I will pick a winner TOMORROW MORNING!!! AKA Thursday August 26th 2010 at 10am CET, so be quick :D

A Darker shade of cute - Creeplings

I'm a big fan of handmade plushies and especially the unique kind and bit on the weird side but whom are still very lovable :) My boyfriend found an amazing etsy shop called Creeplings last year and we bought two very adorable plushies from her. I wanted to share these with you.

This is Kali. We adopted her this summer.

And her sister Dusa (medusa) whom we adopted last year.
They are very happy to be together :)

Creeplings makes a lot more different plushies and she also remakes on request. Want your own darker shade of cute plush, head on over to her etsy shop :)


A Knitted Rilakkuma Hat

A friend of mine commented that I should blog more as it's fun :) I'm trying to get into swing of the blogging thing again, So I'll try to blog more frequently with things I'd like to share with you all :) Also a warm welcome to my new followers via Swap-Bot. Glad you all could make it over here and I hope you'll enjoy your stay :)

This cute Rilakkuma Hat was made for me by my friend Lily, aka Little Emma K on flickr. She got inspired my the travels of the Little bear, as we went to NYC this past June, and made this hat for me :) What a wonderful gesture from someone I just met online :) Her knitted wares are just adorable definitely check out her shop. I'm so inlove with this hat! It's definitely going to be handy in our next travels to Sweden where it be undoubtedly rainy! And it's a good camouflage to hide in the forest, not?

For this kind Rak (=random act of kindness) of hers I've made a little RAK for her in return, this rilakkuma stamp with him wearing the hat :) And I'm glad that it was well received :)


Stamp Carving - a Greater Challenge

I was struggling with a decision about a stamp I really wanted to carve, but was too intimidated by the design to give it a try. Well a while back I just sat down and just went for it and I wanted to share the result with you here.

First it took me a while to get it started, with sizing the design and tracing with tracing paper and pencil then transferring the image on to the carving block, as you can see on the picture here

The swirls were complicated but I managed to get through them, with a lot more patience than I thought I had ;) After 3 hours the result is this

and I'm pretty happy with the result :) I've decided to stamp her on items I'll be selling on my etsy.

I was looking for a phone slip for my Samsung Galaxy S and the sleeves for Iphone are just a little too small so I made one for myself and offer one up at my etsy and will make more in different colors soon. I love how the print looks on the faux leather fabric :)


An update!

Hello everyone!

Wow, it's august already! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far! Time just flies when you're hard at work! But at the end of august I'm looking forward to some relaxation time myself. Taking a little summer break in the Scandinavian forest just to relax and feel at peace in the woods :)

My regular day job has been keeping me really busy, but I've managed to make some more new items for my etsy shop. I've been updating a little more this july and I wanted to share the creations with you all here too :)
I've added some new
hand carved stamps to the shop and I'm also taking some custom orders for these now! I've been making them together with my boyfriend and we're enjoying this relaxing hobby together :)

An example we made this Hello Kitty Address Stamp for a friend of mine in Germany.

it's mounted on an acrylic block with EZ mount cling on the back.

We made this stamp for someone who wanted one of their characters made as a stamp
The character's name is meanie and designed by Caroline Oaks. This stamp is mounted on wood.

We really enjoy making stamps, so if you have a special request for them feel free to contact me about any idea's you might want a stamp out of!

I've also made some new items for the shop using the prints of my own carved stamps to make cute earrings!

These are all available on my etsy as well as some rings and cell charms of the same designs :)

I hope you all enjoy these new products and in honor of my 100th sale and being on etsy for 2 years I'll be doing a give away really soon this august! so stay tuned!


A quick hello!

To let you all know that I'm still around! I just received a comment on the 'great little blog I have here' (thanks Hence72) so I really should update this thing more! I shall try, I shall try!!

The past few month have been quite hectic, we've moved house, I turned 30 and the day job is still quite busy. Never the less I'm still crafting, which I'm really happy about! Also added a few new items to the etsy store, like

moleskine books

'Little Red Lost in the Forest' (this one sold :D)

hand carved stamps

'Kawaii Smile Alice in Wonderland'
This stamp is carved by my sweetheart :) I'm glad that he shares my crafting endeavors :)

And postcards

'Rilakkuma and his little friends'
postcards made of pictures of Rilakkuma while traveling :)

So while it has been a bit quiet on the blog front, it hasn't been quiet at the crafting and etsy front :)

Well since it is my day off today I'm going to some more crafting :)
Thank you all for still following this blog and your support at my etsy shop! It does mean a lot to me!