It's been a while... but I'm still here :)

WOW! It's been so long since I last blogged! So much for my New Year's resolution, eh? Well, it's time I really get back into this! So I'm here with my coffee and listening to The Killer's CD, It's a good way to start the afternoon!

Let me tell you what's been going on with me the past month actually! I've started a new job in March, after being unemployed for months. Yeah the economy really sucks big time! I'm glad I at least got a a decent job not to far from where I live, with decent pay. And best thing is, I work 4 days a week so I can dedicate that other day in the week to my Etsy shop and make cute things! Though that's wonderful, it's not always gone as I'd like to. Haven't sewn in a while really because i couldn't find any inspiration. My muse really let me down for a few months :( So there weren't any real updates at Kitty Darkness Designs.
But when my shop turned 1 year old!! this past July I had a Anniversary Sale going on for nearly a month before I went on holiday in August. And it was a great success! Thanks to everyone for their support! I felt like it was appreciated what I made and sold on Etsy as I really contemplated on closing the shop (I had already closed my DaWanda Shop earlier this year)! But it seems like I got my muse back now since I have a lot of new idea's to put into finalization! A few of them being the new items that are available at my shop now like these woodland scrabbletile pendants!

Aren't they cute?? :) The deer was a gift from a friend of mine and she poses so well with the cute pendants :) Check out my etsy for more info!

I have a few more ideas to put into work, and you will see them soon here and in my shop! To help get back my muse, this cute shop I found in Amsterdam really helped! It's called "De Sprookjes Kamer" or "the Fairytale Shop" (Or "the Polkadot Shop"as they have a lot of cute polkadotty goodies!) This is the front of the shop

It looks small but it's packed with goodies inside like these

lots of polkadotty goodies everywhere! I really could spend hours (and have!!) being lost in there! They have a lot of great goodies imported from japan! Very fun kawaii stuff like these Otogicco Little Red Riding Hood items

cute organizer

these adorable figurines (my boyfriend actually gave me these :)

this gorgeous ID case or you can also use it as a suitcase label, but I would be too afraid of loosing in in the process of traveling!

They also have great unique fabrics imported from japan at the shop, like these

beautiful foxes, mushrooms and deer fabric and ribbon!

So if all the pretties here doesn't inspire me, I don't know what will ;) Keep a lookout for new items at my Etsy. I've also decided I'll be letting go some of my kawaii collection there, like memopads and decotapes and sticker sacks, etc. When that happens, I'll definitely inform you all here about it too :)